Recently, the call of the 10th edition of the youth euro-Mediterranean literary context A Sea of Words 2017, in collaboration with the Anna Lindh Foundation, is opened! During the last years, around 2000 young people have participated in this competition.

This year’s theme is ‘Youths, Stereotypes and Radicalisation’, which seeks to give youths (18 to 30 years old) the opportunity to explain their experiences related to how they see themselves and how society imposes a series of stereotypes on them.

A Sea of Words is aimed at the production of short stories focused on building a joint future of shared values based on real or fictional experiences to showcase the diverse social sensitivities and realities in the Euro-Mediterranean region from the point of view of the young people who live there.

Moreover, this initiative seeks to foster cooperative relations within Euro-Mediterranean civil society and encourage the creation of spaces of debate with the citizens, to stimulate the active participation of society in mutual awareness and the exchange of experiences.

Short stories are a highly valuable tool because they enable us to explore our deepest beliefs and experiences. The literary message can provide a personal, historical and anthropological view of the complexity of the human soul, and bring similar experiences from diverse origins closer.

The deadline for submission of original works, in any of the official languages of the Euro-Mediterranean countries, is 24 May. For more information, see: