Mosaic Perspectives is the meeting place for where established
industries in Cyprus are able to explore new commercial opportunities
through creative innovation and cultural intervention.
Within its programme strand, “Stages of the Future,” Pafos 2017
European Capital of Culture will collaborate with Cyins of Creativity to
host the first series of Mosaic Perspectives, this November in Pafos.+

Mark Your Agendas

Mosaic Perspectives: Leisure & Tourism Industry Tuesday 17th November 2015
Mosaic Perspectives: Agro-Food Industry Wednesday 18th November 2015
Location: Palia Ilektriki Municipal Cultural Centre, 8 Vladimirou Irakleous Street, 8010 Pafos, Nicosia, Cyprus, 25th September 2015
Cyprus is bursting with creativity and culture. Cyprus has the potential to become a leading global creative
powerhouse. But in order for this to even be considered possible, established industries in Cyprus need to
start engaging with home-grown professional talent, rather than outsourcing their work and the required
expertise abroad.
Confronting this lucrative opportunity head-on, the Mosaic Perspectives seminar series intends to review
the collaborative possibilities that exist for Cypriot creative and cultural industry professionals at home
in Cyprus, as well as abroad. During these seminars, we’ll determine what has deterred the established
industries in Cyprus to have collaborated with them in the past; and then we’ll explore and develop
innovative and creative solutions to the commercial challenges that are at the forefront of these
established industries today.
The first two of these one-day seminars will focus on the Leisure & Tourism and Agro-Foods industries.
Within an Open Air Factory framework, we’re going to bring Cypriot creative and cultural professionals,
leading industry decision-makers, business advisors, government officials, and international
development experts together into the same room, for the very first time. Together, we’ll collectively
discuss how creative innovation and cultural intervention can contribute towards commercial growth in
Cyprus and abroad. We’ll look at other markets as clear benchmarks, and determine whose role it is to lead
numerous aspects of this new innovation and growth strategy in Cyprus.

Who will be speaking at these seminars?

Some of the most successful Cypriot entrepreneurs and organisations who have already embraced creative
innovation and cultural intervention, and will be sharing their stories at both seminars. And in preparation
for exporting our creativity abroad, there will also be presentations and workshops facilitated by some of
Europe’s leading companies and organisations, including the cross-border EU-funded, Design For Europe

Who should attend?

Each one day seminar will allow up to 80 participants to attend and contribute. Of which, 40 people will
represent a cross-section of the core industry of that particular seminar theme, and the other 40 people
will be Cypriot creative and cultural industry professionals. Of which, we’re aiming to have visible
representation of both Greek- and Turkish-Cypriot communities.
Leisure & Tourism and Agro-Foods Industries: CEOs; General Managers; Managing Directors; Senior
Managers; Sales & Marketing Managers; Communications Managers; PR Managers; HR Managers;
Marketers; Branding & Promotion Professionals; Company Executives from these particular industries;
Start-ups at a growth phase in their business; and SME entrepreneurs looking to export their product or
service, and wanting to seek advice for how they can develop their brand for export.
Creative & Cultural Industries: Trading professionals; Academics; Students nearing graduation and are
looking to start their own businesses; Agencies; Entrepreneurs; Designers; Makers; Artists; Musicians and
Performers. Those professionals wanting to gain a better commercial understanding of how to present
and promote their creative output are especially urged to apply.
Other Notable Audiences: Public and private organisations such as government ministries and trade
bodies; Professionals from other sectors with a direct or indirect interest for utilising creative and cultural
expertise, such as medical tourism and agriculture.

How do I sign up to attend?

You can apply to participate in the upcoming Mosaic Perspectives seminars. All applications will be
reviewed and notified of their acceptance by Monday 2nd November 2015 at the latest.
For full details, please visit:

For more information:
CEO, Cyins of Creativity
Telephone: +31 (0)