On the 21st October from 12-3.30pm we invited members of the Dutch network to attend a capacity building workshop and a delicious shared lunch courtesy of ‘Blossom‘ held at the Head of Network (EUROCLIO) office in The Hague. The workshop will focus was‘Negotiation’: How do you recognize that you are in a negotiation, and how can it be defined in the workplace?

Participants explored the following: 

– How can you prepare yourself properly?

– What choices can you make during a negotiation?

– How can you evaluate yourself after a negotiation?

The workshop was led by the founder of Akerendam, Robert Visser. Akerendam was founded in 1989 and it is a consultancy firm of psychologists that focus on assessments, personal development, teamwork and leadership. They are based in The Netherlands but have a wide global network of clients including financial firms, government, NGOs, engineering, Media and Publishing, and Consultancy.

The workshop was highly rated by participants who benefited from Robert’s approach which facilitated individual learning styles, through his use of different methods. We were all able to; experience; discuss; conceptualize and to use new insights on a specific case. From the evaluation forms filled in at the end of the workshop it was clear that this made the workshop a valuable learning opportunity for all who attended.

We were pleased to see such a diverse network of ALF NL members coming together to share, learn and connect through through their different experiences of negotiation, across cultural and professional boundaries.

THANK YOU for your participation!