On the 10th of December, EUROCLIO, as Head of Network for the Anna Lindh Foundation in the Netherlands, hosted its second workshop of the year, this time in the Hague. The topic was chosen by the members of the network themselves and as such revolved around fundraising. Steven Stegers and Judith Geerling of EUROCLIO held presentations on the topic, focusing on the questions of the attending representatives of the organisations. Furthermore, Bert Meijermans from the Dutch Forein Ministery, North Africa and Middle East department, also lend his wisdom in the field of developments in the Middle East in light of the aftermath of the Arab Spring. He provided key insights in how a country can operate in such a precarious area, what its goals and aims are and what they believe their role is, in relation to the local government.

The overall conclusion was that there was a feeling that the network is becoming more active, something that EUROCLIO will try to foster further in the future.