Ten artists from Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Palestine and Tunisia have named as influential in transforming our vision of the Middle East by Barakabits,  a region that, while represented univocally around the world, expresses in art the reality no voice can utter. These artists make use of art as a form of resistance; art as therapy; art as an attempt to break the chains of imagination and explore the infinite intersections that bound us humans together.

Among the ten selected artists is Keizer. Keizer was one of the highlights of the ALF Common Action 2013 called “Recipeace for Dialogue”. He is Egypt’s most famous Graffiti Artist and has gone global. At the same time, Keizer manages to remain anonymous. An unmistakable icon in the Egyptian public sphere, Keizer materializes the spirit of a changing environment in his revolutionary stencils across Cairo. “Street art can modify and reshape the existing narratives,” he said as he embarked on a tour across Europe.

See an example of Keizer’s work here.